Why is git better than svn

Well I am not going to start debating over this question, as most people on the web are doing so. I am not going to list pros and cons of both svn and git and make a vague conclusion in the end. I being a user of both svn and git, found git better for the kind of work I do and the way I do it. I was mainly a svn user before I heard people talking about git being easier etc. than svn; after I started using git I agree with these people. With git, it is much easier, simpler, faster and natural(in the realm of development) to manage your code, to create and clone repos; branch, tag and merge code. Apart from being simple and powerful, git is also decentralized and distributed in nature, which undoubtedly is git’s main advantage over svn.

Now I found git better because I no-longer have to think about problems and limitations associated with svnsync; with git I can clone my repositories, pull and push my changes from anywhere in the world. In fact git allows ubiquitous transactions, so one doesn’t have to be connected to the main repo (as in svn) to check in changes. One also doesn’t have to remember branch or tag locations like with svn. I sometimes work while I am traveling, when I am in a different city or country; so now, with git, I don’t have to care from where in the world I am pushing files to which mirror of which repository; in other words I won’t indulge myself in the master-slave repo setups like in svn, in git every clone of a repo is truly “equal”, master and slave at the same time. Security is one area where git needs to focus on more, because it is decentralized; but the current asymmetric encryption for all transactions seem to suffice.

There are many other things one can talk about, there are pros and cons of both SCMs. But in the end I would say that gradually people should try and move away from a centralized repo to a more distributed SCM because of many advantages, some of which are described above.

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