Protect your identity from SSH servers

Recently I came across a tweet that highlighted a serious privacy issue related to SSH servers and online services that publish user information in public domain without having to explicitly take permission from users. Added a OpenSSH roaming vuln test to the whoami server $ ssh (code: — Filippo Valsorda (@FiloSottile) January […]

Real-time Web Cam Surveillance with Raspberry-PI

Raspberry PI is a great little tool for building small projects, from personal web servers to robot butlers. With it’s linux core you could potentially use RPI like a regular linux box. There are loads of example projects available on the internet. Here I will present how to use RPI to build a poor man’s […]

Organizing Media files on Linux

Recently I was doing some cleanup on my Dropbox account, and I found that some folders (especially “Camera Uploads”) had like a million unorganized images and video files that were auto uploaded from my mobile phone and other devices. Unfortunately Dropbox doesn’t automatically organize these files in date folders or even gives you an option […]

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