XML Serialization of Java Objects

Sometimes it is necessary to stream objects in a standard way like XML or JSON. There are different ways of doing so. Below I will take an example of XStream to illustrate how Java Objects can be serialized into XML.

is an open source, a very light weight and easy to use API to Serialize Java Objects into XML and back. Below is a simple example:

The above code will serialize the object of type Person to the following XML. There are other toXML(..) methods available to write the XML to a Writer and OutputStream.

The above XML can be deserialized back to the Java object. The following fromXML(..) method is overloaded, see the API for more details.

Another approach is using JAXB, a Java-XML binding API. JAXB uses XML Schemas to generate Java classes; the objects of these generated artifacts can then be serialized to XML.

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